Aladdin’s Halal Sweets are a UK family owned based company who love to chew, suck, slurp, chomp, blow bubbles, share, lick and indulge in our favourite things every day; sweets, we love’em.


The simple action of opening and enjoying a packet of Aladdin Halal Sweets is one the cheapest and sweetest things in life, yum yum yum.

We started our company when we were children, working in my dad’s convenience shop, we noticed children used to come and buy 1p sweets out of the sweet tubs. At lunchtime there would be a build up of school children wanting the 1p sweets.

We bought some small sweet clear bags and put a mixture of sweets out of the tubs into them and priced them at 10p, 20p and 50p. Hey presto, happy children and no queues.

We did this over 20 years ago and that is how we still do it, of course, we now source better quality of sweets, have posh sweet bags and have over 30 Halal product lines including Halal marshmallows, Halal fruit chews and Halal Lucky bags.

And we are always working closely with our suppliers to create new products that we know your taste buds will love.

Aladdin’s Halal Sweets now supply to over 3,000 independent shops, just like our dad’s. Based in the West Midlands, we are now the No.1 Halal Sweet brand in the UK aiming to provide delicious tempting high quality sweets to anyone who has a sweet tooth.

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