Halal means lawful. Just like the word Kosher. It’s not all about meat you know. You can have Halal finance, Halal drinks, Halal soap, and of course Halal Sweets.

Halal Authority Board Logo

All Aladdin’s products have been certified by H.A.B the (Halal Authority Board). Mr Bubbles ltd (the mother company) is the first and only company to be certified at this level. This means our sweets; our packaging and our European supplier’s factories are Halal certified.

We have worked hard to insure the ingredients in our products are up to the Halal certified standards. And it’s taken a big investment as well.

We care about our customers, and what they consume. It’s easy for the uncertified, the unqualified to make claims or point fingers but we have gone down the harder path to do what’s right and supply products we are happy to give our friends and of course to our own children.

No other Halal sweet supplier is H.A.B. certified. We are the only ones in the UK and we are the No.1 Halal Sweet supplier in the UK.

Halal Sweets